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Dogtra Element 302M 2 Dog Training Collar - Discontinued Features: Suits medium working dogs Up to 800m range 100 levels of stimulation I.. Dogtra Product #: DA010 based on 0 Reviews Out Of Stock

Dogtra Element 302M 2 Dog Training Collar

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The Dogtra 302M dog training collar has all the required components needed for successful training and behaviour management for your dog. Designed for for small to medium size dogs. With up to 800m range, the Dogtra 302M is an ideal remote trainer for working with 2 dogs. However, this easy to use compact system is also small enough for domestic dogs. As the leading brand in the field, Dogtra have designed a great dog training collar system that is user-friendly, and gets results. Both the collars (receivers) and remote (transmitter) are fully waterproof, adding to the hardy and durable aspects of the training collars. Being rechargeable makes for extra benefit to the user.

The Dogtra 302M feastures 100 levels stimulation output along with NCP stimulation mode. The color code buttons have been asigned for different stimulation mode which allows user to train different dogs with different operation mode as well as different levels of output all by one hand.

For a single dog remote trainining system, please visit Dogtra 300M.

Key Definitions:

The majority of Dogtra dog training collars for dogs end with the letters NCP, standing for “Nick” and “Constant” in stimulation mode, and “Pager” which is Dogtra’s patented non-stimulating function.

“Nick” is used to correct unwanted behaviour by emitting a single, rapid stimulation pulse

“Constant” is used for training reinforcement and delivers a continuous stimulation which can last up to a maximum of 12 seconds. The stimulation will automatically turn off after 12 seconds.

This dog training collarhas 100 intensive levels of stimulation available in Nick and Constant mode.

“Pager” gives a vibration stimulation which is a great way of communicating with your dog. This is also beneficial with dogs that are hard of hearing.

Make sure you ask one of our friendly staff about the the NEW approach to dog training thanks to the Dogtra systems - developed by leading, professional trainers.

Water Resistant Rating
Water Resistant Rating
Water Resistant Rating
Water Resistant Rating
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