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Dogtra 2302NCP Dog Training Collar - Discontinued Features: Suits medium to large stubborn dogs Includes 2 dog collars Up to 1200m rang.. Dogtra Product #: DA012 based on 0 Reviews Out Of Stock

Dogtra 2302NCP Advance Dog Training Collar

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The Dogtra 2302NCP Advance Dog Training Collar system is designed for the advanced Dog owner for competition field trials and hunting that requires a longer range remote trainer. This 2302NCP has medium to high level power of output which suits most medium to large size working dogs and hunting dogs.

The Dogtra 2302NCP dog training collar is made align with the "Best E Collar" which has great the built quality and features that professional dog trainers' need. Both the collar/receiver and transmitter have 2 hour quick charge Lithium Polymer batteries. The rheostat intensity dial allows gradual correction adjustment from 0 to 127 levels. Three different stimulation modes: Nick, Constant, and non-stimulating pager/vibration. Both the collar/receiver and transmitter are fully waterproof. The LCD screen on the transmitter shows the level of stimulation and battery status of the collar and the blue LED light in background can be easily seen in dark and low light conditions.

The Dogtra 2302NCP has colour coded button to match with the colour on the dog collar for easy operation. Each set of same colour buttons have assigned dedicated stimulation mode which makes the Dogtra 2302NCP so easy to operated along with 2 dogs and switch between different operation modes and output levels by one hand.

For the single dog Dogtra 2300NCP training system, please view from here.

Dogtra 2302 NCP stands for “Nick”, “Constant” and “Pager” which is the latest stimulation technology developed by Dogtra.

Nick” is a single, rapid pulse of electrical stimulation.

Constant” is a continuous stimulation which can last up to 12 seconds. The stimulation will be automatically turned off after 12 seconds.

Pager” emits a vibration stimulation which is a great way of communicating with your dog using non – electrical stimulation.

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