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Dogtra YS500 Bark Control Collar - Discontinued Features: Suits medium to large barking dogs Waterproof and rechargeable 7 variable intensity set.. Dogtra Product #: DA003 based on 0 Reviews Out Of Stock

Dogtra YS500 Bark Control Collar

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A fully-waterproof anti barking collar designed with mid to high level output for large to very-large size stubborn barking dogs. The Dogtra YS500 features seven stimulation settings that provide a wide range of output levels for any type of disposition, including even the most persistant barking dogs.


  • Suits medium to large sized stubborn dogs
  • Fully waterproof
  • 7 stimulation level settings to suit any type of disposition
  • Long lasting rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, charger included
  • Made out of Lexan plastic, designed for rugged use
  • 1 Year warranty

Key Definitions:

Contact Probes:
The two metal probes that deliver the safe correction.

The Dogtra YS500 anti barking collar integrates a vibration sensor to detect the barking. When the dog barks, the vibration from voice box triggers the sensor. So only the dog wearing the collar is able to activate it.


dogtra ys 500 barking collar specification

The Dogtra YS500 anti barking collar has 7 levels of correction. Level 1 is lowest and 7 is the highest. By turning the dial on the side of the bark collar clockwise with your thumbnail, stimulation intensity increases and by turning counter-clockwise, it decreases.

ON-OFF & Intensity Dial
Power OFF

Testing the Dogtra YS500 bark control collar:

1. Turn the dogtra YS500 bark control collar on by turning the ON/OFF & Intensity Dial and select the highest level so that the arrow on the dial is aligned with the number “ 7 ”.

2. Put the test tool on top of the vibration sensor and scratch it by using a coin or a hard metal object. When the light comes on, wait for two seconds, then repeat the same process once more.

Water Resistant Rating
Water Resistant Rating Waterproof
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